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Karlee Wilson

“I love that you are finally confident in your own skin” — words straight out of my husband’s mouth last night! 🔥⠀
Confidence is something almost every woman I know struggles with.. especially after she gives up her body to form another! And I’m SO thankful that mine is back! It wasn’t always like this, though! For a whole YEAR I came up with excuse after excuse on why I didn’t deserve this...⠀

We’re going to have another baby soon.. I’ll just wait and lose the weight after that one. ⠀

We don’t need to spend the money — I also need to buy X, Y, Z.⠀

Even if I start.. I won’t have time to actually do the workouts so why try? ⠀

I love sweets way to much to be on a “diet” ⠀

I’ll do it on my own — there’s tons of workouts online plus I was an athlete.. I know how to get in shape. ⠀

I don’t want other people knowing I’m unhappy with myself and going to try to better my health.

Y’all — I gave them ALL! And I’d literally just come up with one after another. Until I finally didn’t! And let me tell you.. I wish I would have quit with the excuses LONG before I did! ⠀

Tara Dykstra

“There was a time not that long ago when I hated working out. I mean I really dread it. Mornings didn’t work for me because I wanted to sleep or I would get busy doing other things. By the afternoon, I just couldn’t get it together. Lord help me at night, I just wanted to Netflix binge and go to sleep.

When I decided I needed to make do this “fitness thing”, I still hated working out. But there was a 3 week program so I figured, “let me do that. 3 weeks to form a habit, right?”.

So I did the 3 weeks. Then I decided to repeat that and work on the nutrition part. Then I started another program. I felt so good finishing that one that I started another. And I just kept going.

It wasn’t until my 4 week break after having my son that i realized, it wasn’t just a habit anymore. I genuinely enjoyed the workouts! Not every day mind you. Some days I am tired, a little stressed, on my period, craving all the ice cream, whatever... but most days I look forward to it now! The sense of accomplishment and the progress I see. It’s been a year and a half of deciding daily to commit to this and genuinely enjoying what I do. I am so glad I started!”

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Autumn Fleeger

Before I started my health and fitness journey I was struggling with ALOT of things.
Being a recovering addict I knew there was something I needed to do to over come all the negativity!! I honestly didn’t think there was any hope for me to become a better person , a healthy person , & a happier person....... BUT let me just tell you , I proved myself wrong!!!

After I began my Journey I started feeling a little different (in a good way). I didn’t know at the time I was about to transform into a whole NEW PERSON. I started letting go of ALL the negativity, after a little while I had really realized how much I had changed on the inside and out!!! I woke up One day looked myself in the mirror and started crying, it was that VERY moment that I had finally found MYSELF for the first time in my life. The feeling was so great that I started pushing myself even harder !!! Now today 41 days into my fitness journey I AM: